Advantages of BlueStar 

A roof is your front line defense against nature's harshest weather extremes. Today's customers demand and deserve longer lasting roofing materials with high quality and affordability, which enhances the appearance of their building and is also environmentally friendly. We at BlueStar Roofing are geared to deliver just that through our range of steel roofing products. 

Longer Life Expectancy

- No cracks, doesnt peel, rot
  or curl.
- Life span of 20 to 25

More Cost Effective 

- Lower end of the price
  scale compared to  
  expensive clay tile or


- Wide range of colours to
  match your home building

Lighter Weight & Easy Installation  

- Much lighter than all other
  types of roofing materials.
- Ease the stress on
  building structure.

Fire & Weather resistant  

- BlueStar Steel roofs with
  stand heavy winds and
  rains, can tolerate extreme
  fluctuating temperatures
  and because they are non-
  combustible, the steel
  panels cannot catch fire.