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  • Elegant Profile Types and Colors To Choose From

  • Visually Pleasing With The European Tile Design

  • Steel Roof Standing The Test of Time

  • The Perfect Finish To Your Roof a Range of Gutter Designs and Accessories To Choose From

  • C-Purlins For Increased Strength, Reduced Weight & Long Lasting Life

  • Curve Roofing Any Design Can Be Manufactured

  • Available in Large and Small Corrugation


Our advantages

Why Choose Us

With an excellent track record spanning over two decades BlueStar Roofing has been a trusted brand catering to the roofing needs of customers in Sri Lanka.

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Wide range of colours to match your home building etc.

More Cost Effective

Lower end of the price scale compared to Clay Tile or Asbestos.

Lighter Weight

Much lighter than all other types of roofing materials, whiles easing the stress on the building structure.

Weather resistant

With stands heavy winds and rains, can tolerate extreme fluctuating temperatures.



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